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Jul 28, 2014

Who knew? Meet Erin Lawless

 Another Fire Writer returning for

Written Fireside's Christmas by the Fire Blog Hop

Erin Lawless

A fun, or little known fact about Erin:

"I once had an entire bus park full of my fellow students cover for me so I wouldn't get suspended from college. I smacked the Head Boy of the boys' school around the face with a bottle of water. He'd cheated on my best friend. The slimeball tried to get me disciplined for 'violence' (I'm sure it hadn't even hurt!). Fifty plus people refused to back him up and confirm I'd done what he was accusing me of (even one teacher). If you cheat on my friends, be afraid."

Who knew?

Erin is a fellow Harper Impulse author
 and was a Fire Writer for 
Written Fireside 
His Way Home & Changes 

Check out her Fire Writer Friday & 
First Fight Friday interviews

Erin's bio: 

I live a happy life full of wonderful friends, in love with a man who buys me books instead of flowers. To mix things up a little, I write books where friends and lovers hit obstacles and (usually) overcome them. When I’m not doing that I read absolutely everything I can get my hands on, spend an inordinate amount of time in pyjamas and run a fun-but-informative blog on British history.

Erin is the author of

The Best Thing I Never Had

Five years ago at university they had been seven friends that laughed hard and loved harder.

Nicky and Miles were the couple that were always meant to be… Leigha and Adam, not so much…

So when Adam and Harriet grew close during endless days in the library, they did the one thing that changed everything – they kept a secret. And when it came out, it all fell apart.

When the day comes for bridesmaids to be chosen and best men to fulfil drunken promises, Nicky and Miles’ wedding isn’t just a wedding, it’s a reunion – loaded with past hurts, past regrets, past loves…

The Best Thing I Never Had is in turns funny and sad, but always honest, about friendship in all its forms and the practicality of second chances.

If you fell in love with Mhairi McFarlane’s You Had Me at Hello and David Nicholls’ One Day, then this stunning debut book is for you. 

The Best Thing I Never Had


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read extra scenes and character biographies

The Making of Us


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