Written Fireside is a round robin style written, short story feature based on the campfire game where one person starts a story then passes it on to the next person gathered by the fire to continue.

For each story I write part 1, then each participating author (a Fire Writer) adds a part in turn.

Dec 11, 2014

Naughty or Nice? What Happened in Vegas by Aimee Duffy

This Christmas enjoy how each author creates a unique tale from the same starting sentences written by

Georgia Beyers
the author of 
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Second in the anthology is 

Aimee Duffy
fellow Harper Impulse author, 
and a Fire Writer for 

What Happened in Vegas

Charlotte sat at the bus stop wondering whether she would make the naughty or nice list this year. Last year she had rescued a stray kitten and therefore considered herself most definitely “nice”. This year she had broken Daniel’s heart into a million tiny pieces, so “naughty” seemed to be the only answer. There’d be no Santa Claus coming down her chimney anytime soon. – Georgia Beyers

So she had two choices. She could get on the next bus, go back home to Portobello for the holidays and try to explain to her parents why being with Daniel had crushed her soul, giving her no other choice than to end their two year relationship. Or she could call her best friend Anna, who hated Christmas more than the Grinch, and spend the money she’d been saving for her ex’s present on a city break somewhere life-affirming. There really was no contest. She pulled out her mobile,
scrolled to the number and hit send. 

‘Hey, Charlotte. Is everything okay?’ Anna answered. 

Charlotte got up and started wheeling her case out of the bus station. ‘It is now. Pack a bag and hit LastMinute.com. I can’t face Christmas this year.” 

Anna squealed a little. ‘Sunny or snowy?’ 

‘Either, as long as it’s busy or sporty.’ She didn’t want to waste time wallowing and definitely didn’t want to go somewhere her parents could call her every two minutes to tell her what a mistake this was. Oh and if it ran on a different time zone than Edinburgh, even better!

Copyright © Aimee Duffy

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Aimee's bio: 

All my life I’ve been dreaming up stories. My mum said when I was little I used to make all the My Little Pony figurines talk to each other, and even fall in love. Later, it was Barbie and Ken. In my teens, I played matchmaker with my friends at school.

When I wasn’t creating imaginary scenarios, I had my nose stuck in books, reading across genres and there was one thing I loved more than the escapism—the fact a story can touch me so deeply, like I was experiencing everything along with my characters. I knew from early on this was something I wanted to do for others.

Fast forward a few years, and the dream almost got lost in real life, but I still couldn’t shake it completely. Now I write sizzling romance with the hope of making my readers’ hearts race like they are falling in love for the first time.

Aimee is the author of

Summer Flings Series

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