Written Fireside is a round robin style written, short story feature based on the campfire game where one person starts a story then passes it on to the next person gathered by the fire to continue.

For each story I write part 1, then each participating author (a Fire Writer) adds a part in turn.

Mar 31, 2015

Be Mine, Marshal Part 9 by Kari Lemor

Fannie pulled the trigger as the blast from the Marshal’s and Anderson’s gun went off simultaneously. Will dropped to the ground and scurried away. Her shot was dead on. 

Anderson staggered back clutching his chest then landed in a heap in the dust. She ran closer, keeping her shotgun tight to her shoulder and trained on the viper. Blood leaked from his shoulder and his chest. So much for his threat of taking them out too.

The sound of doors and running feet had her looking up. Townsfolk were coming out of the woodwork for the show.

“Here’s the varmint behind all the trouble in town. What do you think we should do about him?”

Written Fireside: Be Mine, Marshal 

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Part 9 by Kari Lemor

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