Written Fireside is a round robin style written, short story feature based on the campfire game where one person starts a story then passes it on to the next person gathered by the fire to continue.

For each story I write part 1, then each participating author (a Fire Writer) adds a part in turn.

Jul 27, 2015

Written Fireside: Can't You See? Part 6 by Mandy Baggot

The truth was Amanda knew exactly what Noah was going through. The difference between them was 
she was coming out the other side.

She’d opted to make cocoa instead of milk. As she made it, looking through into the lounge room 
where Noah had Gertie sprawled across those 
taut thighs, she saw the image of herself
just after she’d lost Rachel.

He had all the hallmarks of someone 
living through a trauma and then some!

Written Fireside: Can't You See?

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