Written Fireside is a round robin style written, short story feature based on the campfire game where one person starts a story then passes it on to the next person gathered by the fire to continue.

For each story I write part 1, then each participating author (a Fire Writer) adds a part in turn.

The Fire Writers

Lori Connelly {All Written Fireside stories: For Clara,  A Witch by Chance,  His Way Home,  On Valentines Changes,  Missing You,  Of The StormI Looked Away, Be Mine, Marshal
Can't You See}
Website   Blog   Facebook  Twitter   Google Plus   Amazon Author Page   Pinterest   Goodreads   Wattpad
Her books - 
The Outlaw of Cedar Ridge  The Lawman of Silver Creek
Co-Author -  A Witch by Chance

*** In alphabetical order hereafter ***

Kathleen Rice Adams - {Be Mine, Marshal}
Website Facebook Twitter
Her books - Peaches  The Second-Best Ranger in Texas  Prodigal Gun

Mandy Baggot {His Way Home,  On Valentines,  Changes,  Missing YouI Looked Away

Be Mine, MarshalCan't You See}
Website  Facebook  Twitter  Goodreads  
Harper Impulse Love A Happy Ending
Her books - Do You Remember?   Made in Nashville

Angela Campbell {On Valentines,  Missing You,  Of The StormCan't You See}
Website   Facebook   Twitter   Blog
Her books -   On the Scent   Something Wicked  Spirited Away

Eve Devon - {I Looked Away}

Traci Douglass{Of The Storm}
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Her books - Seal of Destiny   Seal of Surrender   Seal Of Awakening

Aimee Duffy {Missing You}
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Her books -  Sinfully Summer  What's a Girl to do?  What a Girl Needs

Elise Forier Edie {Of The StormI Looked Away} 
Her book - The Devil in Midwinter

Jennifer Faye - {I Looked Away
Her books - Rancher to the Rescue  Snowbound with the Soldier  Safe in the Tycoon's Arms  The Return of the Rebel  A Princess by Christmas

Lisa Fox {On Valentines Missing You}
Website   Facebook   Twitter   Goodreads   Google Plus   Blog
Her book - One Kiss

Sue Fortin  {His Way Home,  On Valentines,  Changes}

Blog   2nd Blog   Twitter 
Her book - United States of Love

Ciara Gold {Of The Storm}
Her books - Dragon King  On The Silver Edge Of Time

Linn B. Halton {Changes}

Website   Facebook   Twitter   Goodreads
Harper Impulse  Google Plus  Love A Happy Ending Pinterest
Her books - Angels Among Us series:  Falling  Forbidden  Forever

Aileen Harkwood {A Witch by ChanceOf The StormI Looked Away, Be Mine, Marshal
Blog  Goodreads  Twitter Facebook Amazon 
Her books - Wolf’s Den Dangerous Dreams  Sapphire Ridge  Spell Touched
Co-Author -  A Witch by Chance

Carmel Harrington {For Clara: Parts 3 & 8,  A Witch by ChanceHis Way Home}

Lynn Marie Hulsman {A Witch by Chance,  His Way Home,  On Valentines,  Changes}
Website Facebook Twitter Blog
Her books - Christmas at Thornton Hall  Summer at Castle Stone  
Co-Author - Irish Pantry  A Witch by Chance

Jane Hunt  {Can't You See}

Paty Jager {Of The StormBe Mine, MarshalCan't You See
Website  Facebook  Twitter  Blog
Her books - Spirit of the Mountain Spirit of the Lake Spirit of the Sky 

Jill L. Knapp {Missing You}

Website   Facebook   Twitter   Goodreads  Harper Impulse  
Her book - What Happens to Men When They Move to Manhattan?  

Jane Lark  {A Witch by Chance,  His Way Home,  On Valentines,  Changes,  Missing YouI Looked Away}

Erin Lawless {His Way Home,  Changes}
Website  Facebook  Twitter
Her book - The Best Thing I Never Had 

Sarah Lefebve {A Witch by Chance,  His Way Home}
Blog  Twitter
Her book - The Park Bench Test  
Co-Author -  A Witch by Chance

Website  Facebook  Twitter
Her book - Plus One is a Lucky Number  Co-Author - Be My Valentine   A Witch by Chance

AJ Nuest {For Clara: Parts 5 & 11Be Mine, Marshal}
Website  Facebook  Twitter
Her books - She's Got Dibs  The Golden Key Chronicles

Bella Osborne - {I Looked Away
Website Facebook Twitter Blog HarperImpulse
Her book - It Started at Sunset Cottage

Charlotte Phillips {For Clara: Parts 6 & 12,  Of The StormCan't You See}
Website  Facebook  Twitter
Her books - Your Room or Mine?  Did Someone Order Room Service  Kiss Me On This Cold December Night

Summerita Rhayne {Can't You See}

Patricia Sands {I Looked Away}
Her books - Waking up in Vegas  The Trouble with Mojitos

Zara Stoneley - {A Witch by Chance,  His Way HomeOn Valentines,  Changes,  Missing You,  Can't You See}
Website  Facebook  Twitter  Blog  Amazon

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